Windows Mobile Portfolio search engine is an innovative system built on the basis of Web 2.0 and mobile technologies. It can be used on both desktops and handhelds.

Positioning system based on the Wi-Fi access points coverage. Cross platform application that leverages wardriving data to create a simulated GPS device.

This project is to create a custom controls for a grid that will be used as part of an order entry application. This grid controls is one small part of a much larger project.

Application provides technical support for mobile operators (“Call support”, “Video support”, “Operator support”).

360 hours

Industrial application for Gas/Water/Electrical meter accounting and billing automation. System consists of two parts: Pocket PC data gathering application and PC accounting/billing application.

Application for scanning documents and sending data to server. Allows user to enter data via a standardised form and to upload photo from PDA's camera.

112 hours

Pocket PC application for airmen utilizing Wi-Fi and/or GPRS technologies providing for vast functionality that would cover the utmost information needs of pilots and airmen

Software package which performs half-automated registry sweeping and backup operations for Pocket PC.

Application that captures signatures via a Pocket PC client and synchronize them with SQL Server through a web service.

Industrial application for Gas/Water/Electrical meter accounting and billing automation


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