Indeed, why .NET?! while we have so many good-old technologies...

The .NET technology is flexible which implies simplicity and reasonable budgeting for customer when scaling the project. It is the best suitable for portals development.

The key values of .NET technology are scalability, cross-platformity, interlanguage operability and safe-programming. .NET is the best suits for large-scale, quickly and constantly enlarging projects that might require further smooth porting to Pocket PC or MAC and which may later require internet services, etc. In .NET framework any product can be developed but driver using the same language.

From the .NET framework scope we use the following technologies in our projects:

  • ASP.NET - for quick web-applications development
  • WINForms - for desktop applications development
  • WinService - allows for simplicity when developing services
  • WebService - for Business-2-Business technology implementation

.NET Remoting - for quick building distributed systems; while this the developer can generalize from network technologies and concentrate on business logic itself.

In QArea, specialists in .NET development are proficient enough to undertake the project of any complexity at any stage of its life cycle, starting with Vision&Scope outline and up to quality assurance. Working with us QArea's .NET team can guarantee you the appropriate quality of the developed product, while you can fully control the S/W development process.

We claim this since our developers are members of Ukrainian .NET Alliance. We do keep our eyes on the ball in technology trends and can work with the latest version of .NET.

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